10 Mar 2017

Doula work is a high risk profession. As doulas, we do not ultimately take on responsibility for the outcome of a birth, but we, often more than anyone except the birth giver’s partner, have a deep personal relationship with people’s birthing journeys. Often, their hopes become our hopes, and their disappointments become our disappointments. Sometimes, […]

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07 Sep 2016

the other day, a doula colleague and i were lamenting a client’s lack of support in-hospital, when she said she feels sometimes this work is like “a grain of sand in an ocean.” i know that feeling, and yet if so what a Beautiful ocean. what a scary overpowering polluted disrespected Beautiful ocean. the field […]

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20 Jan 2016

How Doula Regulation Misses the Point As awareness of the benefits of doula care grows, many birth workers are exploring ways to make doula care more affordable and accessible to all birthing people. These ideas include longstanding models of volunteer doula services as well as new possibilities like Medicaid coverage for doula care. In the […]

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