Full-Spectrum Doula Training

The full expression of DTI!
Offered online, you can receive 3 certifications–birth doula, postpartum doula and reproductive health doula–in 12 months.

No Pre-Requisites Required to Start!

After your cohort gathers for introductions on day one, you will be polled for the best available live call times. Your educator will then set the schedule. You will also work on completing your self-paced video course lessons. A new module is released every two weeks. You will gather live with your cohort to dive deeper into the content you’ve been working on; replays will be provided. More FAQs

**25% of every registration fee goes towards DTI’s scholarship program for BIPOC and/or trans, two spirited or gender non-conforming birth workers.

12-Month Programs Will Begin On Each of the Following Dates

By registering for a DTI full-spectrum program, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Online Full-Spectrum Doula Training — NOVEMBER 8, 2021
Online Full-Spectrum Doula Training — DECEMBER 6, 2021


DTI’s program is more than just a training, it’s 12 months of mentorship. You’re receiving more than education, you’ll be joining the DTI community and its purpose.

In DTI’s full-spectrum program, you’ll learn DTI’s core concepts, receive access to comprehensive reproductive health, birth and postpartum training, and at the end of the 12 months, submit documentation to receive lifetime certification.

You’ll never have to re-certify (if you’re working as a doula, you’re staying current), but you’ll continue to find support and resources through your annual membership renewal with DTI. One year of access is included with your registration.

This training is geared toward building and cultivating community within your practice as you learn in a way that suits you best alongside seasoned educators and doulas. 

What’s included:

  • 1 year of membership with doula resources
  • Your 12 month community mentorship program // DTI’s online training starts with 3 months of intensive coursework, a top-quality curriculum formatted for virtual learning, including Cultural Humility, our Slow Doula Method, and all the how-tos of managing a doula business, supported by live video calls with a DTI educator (the call schedule will be set after the group convenes; and you can watch the recordings if you are unable to join live)
  • DTI Digital Guide to guide you through your training and to use with clients
  • Certification package
  • Certification for life once you are certified through DTI, you never have to re-certify!

Subject Matter Included in the Curriculum:

  • Childbirth Education (intro)
  • Body Feeding (intro)
  • DTI Foundation and Mission
  • DTI Compass of Care: what doulas do
  • Certification Requirements for 12-month Program
  • Doulas as Advocates
  • Power of Language & Active Listening
  • Slow Doula Method®
  • Cultural Humility
  • Reproductive Justice Introduction
  • Cycle Awareness Introduction
  • Birth Control Options
  • Support Through Loss
  • Abortion Support Introduction
  • Fertility Support Introduction
  • Doula Support for Each Stage of Labor (part 1)
  • Doula Support for Each Stage of Labor (part 2)
  • Comfort Measures
  • Pain Management
  • Navigating Induction
  • Compassionate Cesarean Birth
  • Business 101 for the Labor Doula
  • Guide to Meeting Clients
  • The First Call
  • Working with Back-Ups
  • Intake Form
  • Self Care for the Doula
  • Newborns Immediately Following Birth
  • Guide for the Postpartum Doula
  • Postpartum Changes in the Birthing Person
  • Integrating the Birth Experience
  • Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders
  • Newborn Behavior and Care
  • Integrating the Baby into the Family
  • Business 101
  • Your Full Spectrum Business
  • Booking Clients
  • Networking
  • First Steps, Next Steps
  • Branding 101
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Community Work

To certify, you must:


  1. Complete entire online course curriculum (takes most students about 3 months to finish -- this time is supported by live calls with a DTI educator/classmates)
  • Participate in virtual discussions through our mentorship program, including our private Facebook groups and live video calls.
  • Provide documentation of attendance at 3 events as the primary doula, which occur during the certification period only. (During the pandemic, remote support counts! Check out our community calls for more info.) Documentation may be done either by the forms filled out by the clients you work with, or alternatively by you, the doula.
  • Complete at least 16 hours of postpartum care for at least two clients. Documentation may be done either by the forms filled out by the families you work with, or alternatively by you, the doula.
  • Submit a 600–1,000 word birth story from the doula’s perspective on each birth you attend for certification.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of all books by completing the Required Reading List.
  • Write a Business Strategy Outline to set you on the right path when leaving the program.
  • Attend and complete an Infant and Child CPR Certification.
  • Create a local resource referral list, including at least three reproductive health resources such as fertility specialists, bereavement support, etc.
  • Observe and document attendance at a childbirth education class or series.
  • Observe and document attendance at a lactation/infant feeding support group or an infant feeding class.
  • Write a 500-word essay describing your role as a full-spectrum doula as if you were talking to potential client and or a group of prospective doulas.
  • Write a 500-word essay on how you see yourself making an impact as a doula and in the larger community.