our scholarship program

we partner with organizations, social justice groups and institutions across the country to provide free and/or discounted training to 60+ reproductive health advocates from underrepresented communities per year.

Why we have a scholarship program

We’re committed to lowering disparities in maternal and infant health, and the devastating reality is that race is still a determining factor on whether one has a healthy birth and baby in this country and worldwide. In order to change the landscape of birth for every doula and every person, we provide scholarships for BIPOC doulas.

We are also committed to inclusivity. Birthing people and birth workers can be women, men, trans, non-binary, or any other gender. Some birthing individuals are men and some are nonbinary. We know that everyone who gives birth deserves quality care, but issues of gender and identity are still received with much confusion and discrimination within the birth culture. So beyond acknowledging the uniqueness of the human experience, we want to open doors. That’s why we offer scholarships for trans, two spirited and non binary birth workers.

And 25% of every paid registration for a DTI training goes towards this scholarship program.

Who Can Apply

Our scholarship program is for anyone who is a BIPOC and/or trans, two spirited or gender non-conforming birth worker.


What does the DTI scholarship include? 

The DTI scholarship covers the full cost unless specified otherwise, of the training of your choice. Applicants chosen for a scholarship are still responsible for paying the DTI membership fee of $157.00. To learn more about DTI Memberships, click HERE

Who can apply for DTI scholarships?

DTI is committed to our mission and values that reimagine the role of reproductive work that is disproportionality affecting marginalized communities. Our scholarship program is for black, indigenous, and/or person of color (BIPOC) and/or trans, two spirited or gender non-conforming birth workers.

Which trainings does the DTI scholarship cover?

The DTI scholarship can cover full-spectrum, birth, and postpartum doula training. You will specify in your scholarship application which training you would like to attend. Please click HERE for additional details on each training.

When will I know if I have received a scholarship?

Scholarship applicants selected to receive a scholarship will be notified four weeks in advance of their training date via email. The selected scholarship applicant has 48 hours to accept their scholarship; if they have not registered for the course within the 48 hours, another scholarship applicant will be selected and notified promptly.  Once all scholarships have been allotted for a training date, an email will be sent to scholarship applicants notifying them the selected training date scholarships have been allocated.

How many scholarships does DTI have?

Each training is allotted 2-4 scholarships, depending on how many participants register for the training and external funding.

Can I select more than one training date for a scholarship?

Yes! You can select as many training dates that you would like to be considered for a scholarship.

Are trainings in person?

No, due to the current Covid 19 pandemic, all trainings for 2021 are online. In-person trainings will be reassessed for the 2022 year.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions regarding DTI scholarships?

Please email scholarships@wearedti.com for any additional questions.