19 Sep 2011

  Why are you considered a business savvy doula?  Honestly, one reason that I think I’m considered a business savvy doula is because I talk about the business of being a doula! I also value and love my work. So many doulas that I know shy away from this side of their work and even […]

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13 Sep 2011

  Sometimes babies cry. Some babies cry more than others. As parents, our job is to decipher their cries and respond. Help them. Feel like good parents. When babies cry incessantly (for more than three hours at a time) and the baby is truly inconsolable, they can be labeled as having colic. This makes feeling […]

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12 Sep 2011

We came across this today on a friends FB page and just had to share it with all of you.  Check out this poster and also the Uterus related gifts:)        The Good Ol' Menstrual Cycle – 18 x 24 Poster [STpMC] – $15.00 : I Heart Guts, Love Your Insides.

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09 Sep 2011

  Doula Trainings International is excited to announce our partnership with Plumtree Baby. Plumtree Baby was created by Julie Olson and Michelle Kettleborough in an effort to provide resources and lend support to those who work as birth professionals.  These materials are truly unlike any others available.  DTI has decided to enhance our doula training […]

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02 Sep 2011

Okay so we have all played this game right?  Here are some of our favorites and we want to hear yours.  Don't be shy.  Add to the F U N! You Know You're a Doula When… The double hip squeeze and applying counter pressure is your daily work out.   When nothing is as exciting to […]

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31 Aug 2011

Doulas for the most part love their Dansko clogs. Clogs are part of doula culture and doula couture, if you will. They are pretty practical.  As labor doula’s we often step in and out of our clogs quickly to get in a position close to a mother to help her through her contraction.  Sometimes we […]

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30 Aug 2011

Why are you considered a business savvy doula?       I am considered a business savvy doula because I live on the edge of innovation.  I travel internationally to meet doulas, midwives, and birth professionals around the world and seek to learn from pregnant women, and these professionals, about BIRTH in other cultures and my […]

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25 Aug 2011

As a postpartum doula you will be talking about breastfeeding with your clients at almost every visit and sometimes on the phone or email in between those visits.  These are the 10 questions you will be asked the most straight from the lips of our clients.  Think about what questions you will need to ask […]

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23 Aug 2011

  So often doulas describe their work as a calling.  We have yet to meet a doula who isn’t passionate about what she does to the core. We also think that often there is an internal struggle with making a living by doing something that we feel called to do. Why shouldn’t we as doulas […]

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