30 Aug 2011

Why are you considered a business savvy doula?       I am considered a business savvy doula because I live on the edge of innovation.  I travel internationally to meet doulas, midwives, and birth professionals around the world and seek to learn from pregnant women, and these professionals, about BIRTH in other cultures and my […]

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25 Aug 2011

As a postpartum doula you will be talking about breastfeeding with your clients at almost every visit and sometimes on the phone or email in between those visits. ┬áThese are the 10 questions you will be asked the most straight from the lips of our clients. ┬áThink about what questions you will need to ask […]

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23 Aug 2011

  So often doulas describe their work as a calling.  We have yet to meet a doula who isn’t passionate about what she does to the core. We also think that often there is an internal struggle with making a living by doing something that we feel called to do. Why shouldn’t we as doulas […]

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19 Aug 2011

If you have found us and are considering becoming a doula we encourage you to explore the possibility and decide if this profession is the right one for you.  We hope that this article will help with your own self-exploration on the subject.  We encourage you to contact us, or post to the blog with […]

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16 Aug 2011

  Last week we came across an article talking about baby products that are best sellers but actually get used for something else.  For instance the Boppy is used more for propping up our babes then breastfeeding them.  You can see the article, "Hey! That's Not What That's For!" :   As doulas we show parents […]

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04 Aug 2011

Hello and WELCOME to our brand spankin’ new website and blog. Doula Trainings International came to be through our very own blood, sweat and tears. We are delighted to share this with you and to continue our well received doula training program. Thank you to everyone who has supported us through the “birth” of this […]

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