07 Sep 2016

the other day, a doula colleague and i were lamenting a client’s lack of support in-hospital, when she said she feels sometimes this work is like “a grain of sand in an ocean.” i know that feeling, and yet if so what a Beautiful ocean. what a scary overpowering polluted disrespected Beautiful ocean. the field […]

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01 Sep 2016

pregnant,  swollen, heavy with red blood.  the swelling and growing takes some adjusting.  so many years of chasing tightness. firm, flat, strong and now I am just supposed to let it grow? i go to bed, my belly hurts. my baby is breech. midwife says I must learn to relax my belly. no holding, create […]

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05 Dec 2015

There comes a time in life where a woman makes a decision to change her birth experience. She may not know how, but she knows a change has to come and from that one thought..she goes on a search. They say “when the pupil is ready, the teacher shows up”, for her the teacher showed […]

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06 Nov 2013

What happens when a doula has a cesarean birth? How do we as doulas  support these women?  Are we doing enough? Often these mothers report feeling like outcasts of the natural birth community once their planned unmedicated birth or homebirth turns into a HBC (the name given to a planned out of hospital birth that […]

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09 Jun 2013

Welcome to our series, “A Doula’s Birth Story: Her Own”. This series focuses on birth stories from doulas, written by doulas. As doulas, we have such an intimate relationship with birth that when our time comes to learn our own birth story there can be a range of experiences from feeling calm, anxious, supported, and at […]

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