27 Aug 2021

DTI already had a great month, and the next few weeks are going to be a very exciting time for our growing community of doulas. From events and news, we have a lot of special ways that you can experience our community and learn from each other. But if you’ve missed any of our announcements […]

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07 Sep 2016

the other day, a doula colleague and i were lamenting a client’s lack of support in-hospital, when she said she feels sometimes this work is like “a grain of sand in an ocean.” i know that feeling, and yet if so what a Beautiful ocean. what a scary overpowering polluted disrespected Beautiful ocean. the field […]

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29 Mar 2016

In 2016, DTI is focusing on collaborative entrepreneurship: how our individual practices can be strengthened through working together. If you’re a doula contemplating whether to join a group practice or stay solo, it’s worth considering the potential benefits and drawbacks of a doula agency vs a collective. What is a doula collective? A collective (also […]

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12 Apr 2013

It’s 3am and you have been laboring with a couple overnight.  Your phone rings and you are shocked to see it’s another client that isn’t due for another 2 weeks.  She’s in full labor and ready for you to come and support her.  Unfortunately, it’s time to call in your backup.  What does this process […]

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31 Mar 2013

     It all began with a birth.  My daughter was born by cesarean after a three day failed induction and birthing that way was not at all what I had planned.  It was a deeply traumatic experience that shook me to the core, moved the earth below me, changed how I viewed the world, and […]

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14 Jan 2013

  Why are you considered a business savvy doula? I have always trusted birth, always wanted to be a Mommy, but I fell into this doula-thing! My degrees are in management and communications, I studied business, worked in New York City for a large corporation buying for 75+ national stores, managing special events and public […]

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