31 Aug 2011

Doulas for the most part love their Dansko clogs. Clogs are part of doula culture and doula couture, if you will. They are pretty practical.  As labor doula’s we often step in and out of our clogs quickly to get in a position close to a mother to help her through her contraction.  Sometimes we […]

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30 Aug 2011

Why are you considered a business savvy doula?       I am considered a business savvy doula because I live on the edge of innovation.  I travel internationally to meet doulas, midwives, and birth professionals around the world and seek to learn from pregnant women, and these professionals, about BIRTH in other cultures and my […]

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23 Aug 2011

  So often doulas describe their work as a calling.  We have yet to meet a doula who isn’t passionate about what she does to the core. We also think that often there is an internal struggle with making a living by doing something that we feel called to do. Why shouldn’t we as doulas […]

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