04 Sep 2016

Todays Blog Post is shared from We hope many of you will share resources from their site, consider joining their membership and show up and rally today, and each year– on Labor Day weekend. This year is focused on VBAC awareness.  Here is what Improving Birth has to say about this years VBAC access […]

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07 Apr 2016

At DTI we believe in the primary importance of honoring all births: from medicated to unmedicated, from surgical to unassisted. During this Cesarean Awareness Month, today’s focus is on the option of VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean). Although VBAC may not be the right choice for some, it’s important to remain aware of the safety […]

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20 Apr 2015

What I Learned From My Planned HBAC Turned Empowered Hospital VBAC: I teach yoga to mothers. I offer an opportunity for them to write their birth story and send it into me to share in prenatal yoga class. I believe in this tradition and absolutely adore it. My mentor teacher, Camille Mulchi of MotherWise Yoga, […]

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06 Nov 2013

What happens when a doula has a cesarean birth? How do we as doulas  support these women?  Are we doing enough? Often these mothers report feeling like outcasts of the natural birth community once their planned unmedicated birth or homebirth turns into a HBC (the name given to a planned out of hospital birth that […]

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31 Mar 2013

     It all began with a birth.  My daughter was born by cesarean after a three day failed induction and birthing that way was not at all what I had planned.  It was a deeply traumatic experience that shook me to the core, moved the earth below me, changed how I viewed the world, and […]

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