04 Sep 2016

Todays Blog Post is shared from We hope many of you will share resources from their site, consider joining their membership and show up and rally today, and each year– on Labor Day weekend. This year is focused on VBAC awareness.  Here is what Improving Birth has to say about this years VBAC access […]

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25 May 2016

DTI co-founder Tara Brooke is continuously inspiring our members to think critically about our work as doulas, reimagining the role in ways that make a positive impact on our communities and our businesses. We wanted to hear more from Tara about our 2016 OneDoula retreat and what participants can expect from the workshop she’ll be […]

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18 Apr 2016

We are so excited to introduce the one and only Britt Fohrman, who will be leading our yoga practice during the Thriving Together OneDoula retreat in Tulum, Mexico September 17-21. You may already be familiar with Britt and her San Francisco-based practice as a doula, yoga instructor and photographer, but what you may not know […]

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17 Mar 2016

Imagine yourself on white sandy beaches, seeing the beautiful blue ocean, and palm trees swaying in the breeze. In this vision, doulas are coming together relaxing, learning, and connecting. This is not a dream or make believe; it is what you will experience when you come to the OneDoula retreat in Tulum. But when your life […]

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