05 Aug 2013

**Correction** An earlier version said, “To increase milk supply use, Peppermint: Five drops orally several times per day.” ________________________________________________________________________ Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, like those made by Young Living, can be an amazing natural support system for both new baby and mother. I can confidently say from experience that there is an oil for all the issues, […]

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20 May 2013

  Therapeutic grade *and only Therapeutic Grade* Essential Oils, can be an amazing support for laboring mothers. I will never forget how helpful they were for me during my labor and delivery especially for back labor pain, courage and energy. For doulas they can be a beautiful, organic addition to your practice. If you haven’t […]

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17 Mar 2013

Kyle Ellen Nuse, DTI Doula and Holistic Health Practitioner I was introduced to Therapeutic and Food Grade Essential Oils when I was pregnant with my daughter Olive in 2009 (at this time I was not yet a Doula, but a Holistic Health Practitioner). I had some dust covered bottles of Whole Food’s brand lavender and peppermint […]

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