06 Oct 2016

My goal as author of With Harp & Sword: A Doula’s Guide to Providing Trauma-Informed Birth Support is to provide a resource for doulas, midwives, birth workers, birthing people, survivors and their loved ones to increase awareness around the importance of discussing current or past abuse, violence and trauma, more specifically with domestic violence and […]

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07 Sep 2016

the other day, a doula colleague and i were lamenting a client’s lack of support in-hospital, when she said she feels sometimes this work is like “a grain of sand in an ocean.” i know that feeling, and yet if so what a Beautiful ocean. what a scary overpowering polluted disrespected Beautiful ocean. the field […]

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01 Jun 2016

Of course I put the steak in the diaper bag. I mean, what other logical thing would I have done after returning from my first grocery shopping excursion as a new mom? Five weeks into this motherhood gig, I was just thankful that we got in and out of the store without having a major […]

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10 Feb 2016

My world was rocked after the birth of my first child.  I wrote about it in an earlier post for DTI, Shifting the Culture of Postpartum Support.  In summary, I was simultaneously navigating my emotions about an unexpected and hard birth experience and trying to figure out what it meant to be a mother to […]

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20 Apr 2015

What I Learned From My Planned HBAC Turned Empowered Hospital VBAC: I teach yoga to mothers. I offer an opportunity for them to write their birth story and send it into me to share in prenatal yoga class. I believe in this tradition and absolutely adore it. My mentor teacher, Camille Mulchi of MotherWise Yoga, […]

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06 Nov 2013

What happens when a doula has a cesarean birth? How do we as doulas  support these women?  Are we doing enough? Often these mothers report feeling like outcasts of the natural birth community once their planned unmedicated birth or homebirth turns into a HBC (the name given to a planned out of hospital birth that […]

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02 Sep 2013

Supporting a Birthing Woman’s Spiritual Practice As doulas, we are trained to offer birthing women the very best in terms of comfort measures. We know that the body, mind, and emotions deeply intersect throughout life and especially in birth. Doula Trainings International mentors new doulas to trust nature’s wisdom and honor a birthing woman’s intuitive […]

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07 Jul 2013

Once upon a time doulas were able to find new clients with nothing more than a brochure – websites were a rarity rather than a requirement and there was no such thing as Facebook.  Fast forward a decade or so to 2013 and having a website is almost routine, along with a host of other […]

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24 Jun 2013

It was my third birth as a doula. I focused completely on the mother. At 8 cm dilated, she moved, swayed, and surrendered to the powerful energy of transition. Determined to have a successful VBAC, she committed herself to the flow of natural labor. It had been a long haul. After being with her for […]

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