18 Oct 2011

Ginny Phang talks about how her earlier than expected pregnancy inspired her to become a doula   

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04 Oct 2011

  We are Proud of our One on One Mentorship Program   As doulas we are often seen as a mentor through labor and birth, breastfeeding and the transition into parenthood.  Many doulas even call themselves prenatal, childbirth and breastfeeding mentors.  This seems like an appropriate description as doulas often inspire by example in the […]

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30 Sep 2011

  Dear Ricky and Abby, Thank you so much for your genuine passion and commitment to improving maternity care.  As doulas, we share this commitment with you each and every day.  When you came out with The Business of Being Born we cheered you on.  We took off our clogs and put on our heels […]

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27 Sep 2011

Often when doulas are contacted by a couple who is interested in Hypnobirthing they are asked what (if any) experience they have with this method.  For those of you who feel called to working with these couples, or who have a desire to learn more about Hypnobirthing, we introduce Debbie Catz to you. We sat […]

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19 Sep 2011

  Why are you considered a business savvy doula?  Honestly, one reason that I think I’m considered a business savvy doula is because I talk about the business of being a doula! I also value and love my work. So many doulas that I know shy away from this side of their work and even […]

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13 Sep 2011

  Sometimes babies cry. Some babies cry more than others. As parents, our job is to decipher their cries and respond. Help them. Feel like good parents. When babies cry incessantly (for more than three hours at a time) and the baby is truly inconsolable, they can be labeled as having colic. This makes feeling […]

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25 Aug 2011

As a postpartum doula you will be talking about breastfeeding with your clients at almost every visit and sometimes on the phone or email in between those visits.  These are the 10 questions you will be asked the most straight from the lips of our clients.  Think about what questions you will need to ask […]

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