08 Mar 2012

For the first time ever, this May, Doula Trainings International is combining a labor and postpartum training into one 5-day retreat in the San Francisco Bay Area. For those of you who want to become a doula this is the way to go! One of the most common questions we get from both doulas and […]

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05 Mar 2012

We value healthy competition within our community for growth of our best selves and of our profession.  Together we can inspire and innovate Together we can inspire and innovate!  It's true.  Without other doulas working in your community the doula profession will dwindle and disapear.  Imagine, no community of doulas supporting one another, no back ups available, not one person who "gets […]

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21 Feb 2012

We honor the transformative process of birth and parenthood Having a baby and becoming a family is one of the biggest rites of passage a person can go through. Its an on going process. As soon as a woman gets pregnant, it begins. Everyone starts to take shape into the person they are going to become. Life as you know it […]

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20 Feb 2012

This morning I had the privilege to sit down with Gena Kirby of Progressive Parenting to kick off her new weekly TV spot called, Doula Mentor TV. Gena is awesome and I love the idea of this show! This is a show by doulas for doulas. I was great fun! We shared stories and tips for the […]

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09 Jan 2012

  We explore and stay up to date on Parenting Trends First lets explore what parenting trends are. The word Trend means: a general direction in which something is developing or changing. In the birth community we see this when parents start to demand to birth their baby differently; for example, the rise in scheduled Caesareans or the […]

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20 Sep 2011

  Last week we read a blog called Journey to Crunchville which talked about why we may not want to do kegels.  What?!  This confused me, werent we always talking about doing kegals and more and more kegals?  I found the article interesting and enjoyed the read but wanted to reach out to my trusted friend […]

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02 Sep 2011

Okay so we have all played this game right?  Here are some of our favorites and we want to hear yours.  Don't be shy.  Add to the F U N! You Know You're a Doula When… The double hip squeeze and applying counter pressure is your daily work out.   When nothing is as exciting to […]

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19 Aug 2011

If you have found us and are considering becoming a doula we encourage you to explore the possibility and decide if this profession is the right one for you.  We hope that this article will help with your own self-exploration on the subject.  We encourage you to contact us, or post to the blog with […]

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16 Aug 2011

  Last week we came across an article talking about baby products that are best sellers but actually get used for something else.  For instance the Boppy is used more for propping up our babes then breastfeeding them.  You can see the article, "Hey! That's Not What That's For!" :   As doulas we show parents […]

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