27 Aug 2021

DTI already had a great month, and the next few weeks are going to be a very exciting time for our growing community of doulas. From events and news, we have a lot of special ways that you can experience our community and learn from each other. But if you’ve missed any of our announcements […]

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07 Nov 2016

Doula Training International’s Trans Health Initiative has had an exciting first year out of the gate. At almost every training, we are bringing trans and gender nonconforming doulas into our ranks and teaching all of our doulas about the importance of trans inclusion in their birth work. We have committed to gender neutral language in […]

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05 May 2016

  “In the end, it all comes down to the baby’s need to nurse, so I nurse her. She doesn’t know I’m trans, but understands that when she’s tired, sad, or hungry, there’s no cure quite like breastfeeding. [My son] was the same. And I’m his Dada. He has never—and I’m sure never will —call […]

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24 Aug 2015

DTI is committed to making our program more accessible to all doulas. Over these past five years, we’ve taught dozens of trainings across 13 cities and learned innumerable lessons along the way. We’re excited to announce changes in our training and certification process that will make training with DTI more compatible with a busy lifestyle […]

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17 Dec 2012

  Often times its easier to start a new journey with a companion, a partner in crime. Have you ever thought of becoming a doula? But you just can't seem to take the plunge? Do you know someone that would be a great doula too? Like a friend or a sister?  As our holiday gift this […]

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27 Aug 2012

DTI is beyond happy to announce our new 9 month Doula Program!  As DTI mentors we know Doulas need the support of other Doulas.  DTI trainings have been designed for doulas, by doulas with a doula mentorship program built in.  Because none of us can do this alone!   When we first built the skeleton of […]

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08 Mar 2012

For the first time ever, this May, Doula Trainings International is combining a labor and postpartum training into one 5-day retreat in the San Francisco Bay Area. For those of you who want to become a doula this is the way to go! One of the most common questions we get from both doulas and […]

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