Childbirth Edu Training

Our Childbirth Edu training is for anyone who wants an in-depth look at childbirth within a framework for sharing the knowledge with others. There are no pre-requisites required to participate.

No Pre-Requisites Required to Start!

Trained DTI Doula Members receive $200 off the childbirth educator training.

2022 Cohorts Begin on Each of These Dates

Online Childbirth Educator Training — SEPTEMBER 19, 2022

Online Childbirth Educator Training — DECEMBER 6, 2022

The course is well-suited for doulas, birth workers and advocates interested in becoming childbirth educators, to expand their capacity as professionals and provide better support to clients and families. There are no prerequisites required to participate. 

What Makes DTI CBE Training Program Different

  • Hands-on training. We want you to feel self-assured and ready to assume the role of a birth educator and leader in your community. The live six-class web training builds confidence and skills for teaching through research-based techniques and walks you through strategies for marketing your classes.
  • Support. An annual membership fee of $55 provides a place to keep in touch and share resources, stresses and successes with all current CBE members.
  • An easy recertification process. Stay with us and you’ll always be on top of the latest research and conversations in the field, available every three years for $397.
  • Comprehensive. The training program covers a thorough yet digestible breakdown of everything from prenatal testing and electronic fetal monitoring to postpartum care planning.
  • When you certify, we give you everything you’ll need to teach a class. While using our materials is not a requirement, DTI provides a professionally designed digital suite you’ll love. Great for new instructors so that you don’t have to create anything on your own. 
  • An inclusive and modern approach. The digital student workbook features gender-inclusive language and imagery, designed for the unique families we serve.
  • Accessible. We don’t prescribe to the “one size fits all” philosophy of teaching. 
  • All options for pregnancy and birth are outlined clearly in the course curriculum, which normalizes birth without glossing over complexities or medical interventions. We shift away from the traditional creation of a birth plan, and instead embrace the creative creation of birth preferences.
  • Flexibility. We live in a time where virtual is the name-of-the-game. DTI certified childbirth educators will have the ability to teach in a variety of formats and timeframes.

The course includes:

  • Printed educator’s guide + course tuition
    • 2-day intensive in person + 6 weeks of guided certification OR
    • Online course tuition + a semester-long program: 8 hours of live instruction across 6 webinars
  • Annual CBE membership includes yearly updates to:
    • Comprehensive student curriculum: inclusive, gender-neutral
    • Teacher’s digital toolbox, including class slideshow, and 
    • Eligibility to recertify in 3 years
    • Private mentorship group for support

With DTI's Childbirth Edu Training, you'll earn a 3-year certificate. After three years current CBE members will be prompted to complete an online re-certification course.

To certify online:

  • Complete semester-long training program with video lessons, paced required reading, teaching skill activities, comprehension checks, and discussion starters with your cohort
  • Course participants attend 6 webinars with their instructor for a total of 8 hours of live classes to complement their self-paced course content

To certify in-person:

  • Attend a two-day workshop in full 
  • Participate in a 6-week certification process after the workshop, including required reading, teaching skill activities, and virtual comprehension checks.