At DTI, we certify for life. Any doula certifications you complete with us are maintained by working in the field and continuing education, so you can continue learning in a way that suits you best. This is why we have the DTI membership.

The DTI membership is full of community support, on-going education, business building materials and discounts to events, our shop and learnings by leaders in the birth world. It’s also a space for discussion, resource sharing and community mentorship through our forums and Facebook groups. 

Membership is required during our 12 month doula training program. When you checkout with the training of your choice, your first year of membership is included in your purchase. Easy peasy! 

Your membership includes:

  • Private virtual community space
  • DTI Expert Locator listing
  • Live Workshops Monthly with Thought Leaders in the Field of Reproductive Health
  • DTI Expert Affiliate Interview Library, a resource for certification and beyond
  • 20% off courses from BADT
    • Racism & Privilege in Birthwork Part I and Part II
    • Queer & Trans Reproductive Support
    • Abortion Doula
    • Crisis Response for Birthworkers
  • Digital Portfolio, includes a build-your-own contract guide
  • Free shipping from the DTI shop
  • 10% off the Born Into This Conference
  • $200 off our Childbirth Educator Training program