Giving Back

Together, we are cultivating culturally humble communities that reimagine the role of reproductive care.

Being a DTI community partner, sponsor, member, student means being an advocate and giving back to the community we serve. We believe that families deserve compassionate, evidenced-based support at all stages of life—no matter their gender, race, religion, class or sexual orientation. 

Our Scholarship Program Initiative

DTI is an educational body and professional community for reproductive health advocates. As an organization we are committed to offering at a minimum 60 scholarships to our programming per year. We meet this goal by allotting 25% of all full paying members tuition fees into scholarship funds.  Additionally, the DTI team works to create community partners at local and global levels to support other efforts that align with our reproductive health mission

25% of every paid registration for a DTI training goes towards our scholarship program for BIPOC and/or trans, two spirited or gender non-conforming birthworkers. 

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Community Partners

Every year DTI allocates a minimum of 5 thousand dollars to sponsor community partners, campaigns and BIPOC midwifery student funds. Each year DTI hopes to be able to increase resources to put back into community partners by allocating student tuition, selling merch from the DTI shop and membership fees. If you are looking for support and want to share what you are doing in your community use the DTI platform.

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Free Resources

DTI is committed to providing ongoing free educational resources for the birth world. We collaborate in conversation with birth workers and thought leaders to discuss current reproductive affairs. 

The DTI membership is full of community support, on-going education, business building materials and discounts to events, our shop and learnings by leaders in the birth world. It’s also a space for discussion, resource sharing and community mentorship through our forums and Facebook groups.

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