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We believe in using the Internet for good. At DTI's online learning platform, we offer accessible courses that will help anyone—from doulas to midwives to doctors to parents—discover a path into the reproductive world.

These courses aren’t the classroom equivalent of busywork. We’re here to equip you with the resources to cultivate real change. We use a state-of-the-art digital platform, offering all of our courses online through videos, sample documents and handouts, with exercises for a variety of needs.

For parents, birth attendants and providers

In our Reproductive Health Certificate you will learn about support for all stages of reproductive health: cycle awareness, birth control options, infertility, abortion, and loss.

Reimagine Cesarean Birth and toss preconceptions away by taking our Compassionate Cesarean course. This is a great tool for new parents who want to learn options about a compassionate cesarean.

Watch and experience our Born into This conference from 2019 through our digital tickets.

For business-minded doulas

Learn more about sustaining your professional practice through courses such as Interview BreakthroughThe Backup PlanDemystifying Client Meetings, and Understand Your Brand.  Use each as a tool when needed or buy them all together in DTI’s The Business Toolkit: The Package Deal (where we give you all the courses at a 20 percent discount to get you fully equipped with all of the knowledge).

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