Our Story

Over the last decade, Doula Trainings International has become one of the premier online and in-person doula training organizations in the world. With a network of educators, our team has trained thousands of birth workers across the US and internationally, with a commitment to autonomy, radical inclusivity, reproductive justice, collaborative entrepreneurship and intentional growth.

As of 2020, our professional membership for birth workers is 300+ strong, and we have partnered with organizations, social justice groups and institutions across the country to provide free and/or discounted training to 60+ birth workers from underrepresented communities per year. Our approach is unique, because DTI has been a grassroots effort, growing distinctly from the doulas and communities we serve.

Originally founded in 2011 by doulas and social entrepreneurs Tara Brooke and Gina Giordano, DTI began as a response to their own formative training as birth workers. After working in the field and serving a broad spectrum of families, they recognized that it was time for a new, more comprehensive doula curriculum—one that links reproductive health, birth and postpartum doula education to certify doulas for life. From that first training, DTI’s mission has expanded. Now, we collaborate with leaders and experts across the country to shift birth culture toward a more inclusive future.

Together, we advocate for healthier outcomes. Together, we educate families on informed consent, reproductive care, pregnancy, birth and the newborn. Together, we are changing our world—each and every time we support our clients.