What you get with CBE

Educator’s Guide

  • Guides you through effective teaching strategies
  • Provides pacing for each class unit
  • Includes optional activities
  • Lists materials needed for each class
  • Offers tips for setting up your classroom for safety and success

Educator Web Training

  • In-depth curriculum review plus open time for Q&A
  • Learning different ways to structure a class using the provided curriculum
  • Creating space in class for a wide variety of needs, including past trauma and different birthing bodies without isolating single parents experiencing their first pregnancy
  • Marketing and filling your classes

Student Workbook & Digital Toolbox

  • Clear, concise and comprehensive
  • Inclusive, gender-neutral language celebrating all birthing bodies
  • Highlights benefits of midwifery care without isolating high-risk needs
  • Gently encourages parent-child and parent-support connections

Once you’re certified, you’ll walk away from the program with a comprehensive digital curriculum to provide to your students so you don’t have to create anything on your own. And of course, just like with doula certification, you’ll receive official childbirth educator certification, a seal for your website and the opportunity to use the letters CBE (DTI) after your name. Once you’ve got all that, you’ll be the real deal.

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